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A. KMS (Kishan Mobile Sandesh)

Problem diagnose: Low efficiency of exiting rural information technology delivery system.

Intervention: A commonly held notice of ICTs is that of a computer empowered with internet used to access and dissemination all sorts of information. A wide variety of media are now being used in distance learning programme, the most recent method; KMS (Kishan Mobile Sandesh) adopted by KVK, Tikamgarh since 2008. In KMS, the messages were delivered through internet by KVK to the innovative farmers, rural agricultural development officers, retailers of agricultural commodities and others agricultural allied department of the district up to 500 respondents in roman language but it was observed that due to language some respondents faced difficulties in reading and understanding the ones. In spite of this, the message delivered in Hindi in twice a week up to 1000 respondents.

Table:- Impact of KMS in the district


No. of respondents

No. of messages delivered /year

Language of Message





Hindi message in Roman English

The majority (90%) of the farmers demand that the SMS should be in Hindi for better understanding. While in case of input suppliers and RAOs have no problem about the same




Hindi language

Cent per cent farmers appreciated for better understanding and use of message in field.

2010-to continue.



Hindi Language

The district collector has also been appreciated and desired to including 2000 innovative farmers of the district

Results: The effectiveness of SMS related to agricultural need based information was observed 70% among the respondents which are getting SMS from KVK on their own cell phone and awareness is 25% observed because they are call backing to KVK scientists to knowing more about improved recent agricultural technologies by which they could improved agricultural production. The farmers’ interest in KMS is positively increasing. The role of KMS in facilitating crop production and protection needs to view in a broader perspective, beyond the direct benefits at offers to the end users. The benefits ensuring from better and faster information exchange empowering the extension functionaries would in itself provide an advantage translating into benefits for the end users.

Impact: The district collector appreciate this foot-step of KVK towards providing reliable, timely and cost less SMS at the farmers field. The Chair man of cooperative bank societies has order to displayed SMS on notice board (2x3 feet) at every society of the district societies where farmers often come to purchased agricultural inputs, he also desired to linked 150-district cooperative societies under KMS.


Problem diagnose:: Lack of reliable, seasonal, scientific and farmers friendly agricultural need based information.

Intervention: : Over the last two years, deliberate, effective efforts to bring agricultural information technologies to the farmers through print-media as newsletter (quarterly) have been made by KVK, regularly since 2008. The newsletters contain a variety of agricultural important information i.e. on-going, forth-coming of KVK, crop production, crop protection, weather forecasting and agricultural activities for the next three months with success stories of innovative farmers of the district. News letter also contain with the cultivation practices of seasonal crops with advisory key notices to the farmers. Overall newsletters contain others many valuable text with good color photographs for the farmers. The published newsletters dispatched to every Gram Panchayat in the district, regularly. An influencing the adoption and continued used of information dissemination is a very important factor. Thus, and one of the obvious constraints in the use of broadcasting media in the district is poor reception quality. Newsletters’ as message carries are of reading literature, majority of farmers do not having their own radio/television.

Impact:The impact of newsletters has also been assessed by KVK and appreciation has been received on-behalf of the district Collector to KVK; he has directed to village secretary to read the newsletters during Gram Sabha in the district at every village Panchayat.

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